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Tampa Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer

Tampa Hurricane Ian Damage Lawyer

Hurricane Ian was one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes in recent years.

If you or someone you know in the Tampa area has been affected by this natural disaster, you may be entitled to compensation. The Tampa hurricane damage lawyers at our firm have extensive experience handling these types of cases and can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Tampa Hurricane Damage Attorneys

While your homeowners’ insurance should cover hurricane damage to your property, the claims process does not always go smoothly. At the Landau Law Group, a Tampa hurricane damages claims lawyer can file your claim, pursue a fair payout based on your coverage and damages, or appeal an outright denial of your claim.

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Hurricane Damages Are Often Covered by Homeowners’ Insurance

In October of 2018, Hurricane Michael made landfall, battering homes, businesses, and other properties all over Florida. Thousands of people filed insurance claims for property damage, totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Like previous storms, these high winds, rain, and hail caused:

  • Lost shingles and roof damage
  • Downed power lines and fire risk
  • Fallen trees
  • Structural damage to buildings
  • Broken windows
  • Damage to garages, sheds, and fences

Homeowners’ insurance generally provides coverage for the wind damage that occurs during a hurricane, although some companies will require a special deductible for this type of claim. Most commonly, this deductible is a percentage of your home’s value. It is important to note, however, that you must have a separate flood insurance policy to recover compensation for flooding or storm surge damage.

The Landau Law Group Can Go to Work on Your Hurricane Damage Claim Today

The Landau Law Group knows how complex navigating the insurance claims process can be. You may feel stressed out and overwhelmed. This is especially true when your home or business suffered damage, and you are struggling to get back on your feet after a hurricane.

Our Tampa hurricane damage claims lawyers offer free case evaluations to families and individuals whose property sustained hurricane damage. We can go to work for you, helping you:

  • Understand your insurance policy and identify all applicable coverages
  • Compile documentation of damages and file your insurance claims
  • Fight the insurance company if they refuse to offer you a fair settlement
  • Appeal a denial if they will not approve you for a payout based on your policy

We can step in at any point in the claims process, whether you need us to handle your claim from the beginning, build a solid case for pursuing a payout that includes a wider range of expenses and losses, or formally appeal the insurance company’s decision to deny your initial claim. Call us at 866-703-4878 today to discuss your options for pursuing the compensation you need to pay for repairs. It costs you nothing but your time to speak with us. You pay nothing out of pocket until we score you the recovery you deserve.

Recoverable Expenses and Losses for Tampa Hurricane Damage

The coverage provided by homeowners’ insurance varies between carriers and may even differ when comparing two different policies provided by the same company. In general, however, most of them cover hurricane damage caused by wind and hail to any part of your property. You may need to pay a special deductible, and there may be exemptions to look out for.

When we review your case, we can also take a look at your specific policy and identify the coverages you need based on your damages. Some common types of damages we often pursue include:

  • Roof repair or replacement costs
  • Structural damage from wind
  • Damage to structures from downed trees
  • Siding damage from wind or hail
  • Broken windows, doors, and garage doors
  • Water damage that occurs because of a hole in the roof
  • Food spoilage related to a power outage
  • Garage, shed, or fence damage

If you have flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program, sometimes called NFIP insurance or FEMA insurance, we can also help you prepare and file your claim for damages caused by flooding or storm surge. Homeowners’ insurance coverage does not normally cover these damages.

Act Quickly to File Your Tampa Hurricane Damage Claim

Our team can help you with every step of the hurricane damage claims process, but we cannot get started until you give us a call. Once you enlist our help, we can document your hurricane-related damages and build a strong case to prove your expenses and losses to the insurance company.

With the Landau Law Group on your case, you do not have to worry about missing any deadlines or forgetting to submit any documentation. We take care of every step of your claim, fighting for a fair payout. If the insurance company refuses, we can take action against them to push for a better settlement based on the coverage provided by your policy.

Talk to a Tampa Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer

The attorneys from the Landau Law Group know what it takes to prove your expenses and losses after a hurricane damages your Tampa home, business, or other property. Our team handles hurricane damage claims all over the state of Florida and has navigated the insurance claims process thousands of times. We can make this often-complicated process easier on you and your family. Let us fight for the insurance settlement you deserve based on your policy and the facts of your case.

If your property sustained damage in a hurricane or tropical storm in Tampa or elsewhere in Florida, a Tampa hurricane damage claims lawyer is here to help. Call us today at 866-703-4878 to get started. Our initial consultations are free. We do not get paid until we recover for you.