Over the years the attorneys at The Landau Law Group have represented thousands of injured parties, successfully resolving these matters up to and through the course of litigation. This practice has been built both on “word of mouth” referrals from satisfied clients and attorneys (including our adversaries in court).


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Automobile Accident Injury

An injury may not just be physical. Often times, physical injuries are combined with emotional issues and even more often, high costs. Sometimes the negligence of others can set your life on a tailspin that you never saw coming. One call to Landau can be that guiding force to help you get back in the right direction.

Slip & Fall Injuries

A good personal injury attorney like the Landau Law Group knows first and foremost the rights of our clients. We will take the time to clearly explain all of those rights and answer all questions about your right to compensation. Once Landau starts the proceedings it is no longer you dealing alone with the other party’s insurance company or attorneys. You now have the power of our group behind you. We will make decisions together and guide you through every aspect of the process leaving you with a confident feeling that you have the right people on your side.

Injuries that happen at work / Worker’s Compensation

In many cases involving personal injury, the case will not necessarily go to court. This is when having an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy personal injury attorney like the Landau Law Group on your team. We will be at your side and guide you through all aspects of binding arbitration or even mediation. Most importantly, we will be there to advise you about settlement offers that can come in so you have the informed decision on whether or not the settlement is right for you.

Defective Product/Food/Drug

The more time goes by, the less credible your case can appear, resulting in a more difficult process to substantiate your claim. Each state will also have statute of limitations that can vary depending on the type of injury. We always recommend that as soon as you are physically able to contact a personal injury attorney, you should. Our staff at The Landau Law Group is standing by to explain the statutes of limitations in your state and start you on the process of receiving the help and compensation you deserve.

Dog/Cat/Animal Caused Injuries

Varying from state to state, most personal injury cases are taken on a contingency basis.  This means that the attorney will not collect any money from you until your case is settled.  When the case is settled the personal injury attorney will be paid a percentage of the settlement paid out.  The Landau Law Group will present a complete contract from the start of your process so you know all of the costs associated at all times.

Personal Injury Protection

As Florida PIP Suit Attorneys, we understand the nuances and intricacies of Florida’s No-Fault Law and the Florida PIP Statute. We constantly try to inform our clients, medical providers, and colleagues of the different areas of PIP law that apply to them.


The experienced staff at Landau Law Group will fight for you to be reimbursed for every possible aspect of your case. In the strongest cases, we have seen compensation paid for the following examples:

  • Property Damage.
  • Medical Bills.
  • Loss of Job or Revenue.
  • Expenses for Injury Related Travel.
  • Physical Pain and Suffering.
  • Other Incurred Expenses.
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Property Damage Claims



Florida Property Damage and Insurance Claim Attorneys Hold Insurance Companies Accountable.

We assist South Florida families and businesses to secure compensation for property damage.


It’s a fact that Florida property owners face a constant risk of property damage from storms and hurricanes.

When these situations occur, you need a Florida property damage attorney who understands the insurance claims process and is not afraid to fight for you if your claim is denied, delayed or underpaid.

If your property was recently damaged, trust the Landau Law Group, P.A. to diligently pursue the compensation you need to repair and rebuild your property.

Assisting property owners with a variety of damage claims

Hurricanes and storms can cause extensive property damage. Severe winds, rain, and flooding harm the structure of homes and other buildings. Our experienced attorneys have helped many property owners pursue successful damage claims. Some of the most common types of property damage claims we handle include:

  • Damages or torn roof
  • Broken windows
  • Mold and moisture damage
  • Lost and damaged shingles
  • Flying projectile damage
  • Lost or damaged siding
  • Damaged or destroyed garages, sheds, or porches
  • Damaged appliances
  • Falling tree damage
  • Water damage
  • Windstorm damage
  • Flood damage
  • Broken pipe damage claims
  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Lighting damage
  • Vandalism damage
  • Theft damage claims
  • Termite damage

With years of legal experience, we have handled claims that the residents and businesses of South Florida. We have personally seen the damage and destruction that a hurricanes and other causes of property damage can leave behind, affecting families, businesses and even entire communities.

Our South Florida property damage attorneys guide families and businesses through every step of the claims process, from: filing the initial claim to settlement negotiations and litigation, when necessary.

The aftermath of a storm or other unfortunate event causing significant property damage is challenging enough without having to worry about insurance company tactics to deny you the compensation your claim deserves.

At the Landau Law Group, we recognize bad faith actions by insurance companies and know how to effectively attack them.

Florida Property Damage and Insurance Claim lawyers help you counter denials

You pay your insurance premiums like clockwork, with the expectation that your family will be justly compensated when property damage occurs. Unfortunately, the claims process often involves challenges and setbacks. Insurance companies employ teams of attorneys who work hard to deny or underpay your damage claim.

They offer a variety of excuses, such as:

  • Questioning the source of the damage
  • Challenging the condition of the property prior to the storm
  • Alleging pre-existing damages
  • Improperly invoking policy coverage limitations

While many Property Damage and Insurance claim lawyers fail to aggressively counter these denials we help families in their fight against insurance claims denials by providing valuable resources, knowledge, and skill.

When and if litigation becomes necessary, we passionately represent your rights and interests within the Florida court system.

Trust an experienced Florida Property Damage and Insurance Claim lawyers to get you what you deserve for property damage

Storms and hurricanes and other causes of significant property damage are a part of living within the great state of Florida.

When property damage occurs, trust a skilled lawyer with years of legal experience battling the insurance companies.

Contact the Landau Law Group to discuss your claim and begin the process of seeking compensation for your property damage.

You can call us at 1-866-703-4878 or complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation.

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Contractors – Assignment of Benefits (AOB Claims)

Contractors deserve equal protection

Are you a water restoration company, water remediation company, plumber, roofer or contractor who has an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) from the policy holder and the insurance company is refusing to pay, underpaying or delaying in paying your invoice?

You provided a valuable service to the property owner and it’s only fair that you get paid. If the insurance company has denied your claim or only partially paid, then you deserve to have someone on your side.

Insurance companies routinely ignore and deny AOB claims to save money hoping the contractors will get desperate and take pennies on the dollar or just give up.

We’ll work to get you paid.

We have over 40 years combined experience in construction and insurance disputes.

Let us get your invoices paid so you can focus on your business. No out of pocket cost to you!

You did your job, now let us get you paid.

We are attorneys who specialize in helping contractors collect on their assignment of benefits claims. We possess the experience and resources necessary to guide you through each and every step of the claim.

Common types of disputes or denials include:

  • Water extraction
  • Mold remediation
  • Hurricane damage
  • Fire and electrical damage
  • Roof damage

Florida Law supports AOB’s

Have you ever been told that an Assignment of Benefits violates the law or that contractors don’t have the same rights to payment as homeowners?

Well, that is simply not true. It is well settled law that an assignment of benefits is enforceable and is valid under Florida law. Under a properly executed assignment of benefits, the homeowner’s right to receive payment is transferred to the contractor who performed the work. You have the same rights to payment and legal standing to bring a claim.

Your rights to payment and ability to file a claim are the same as the homeowner which means you must comply with the terms of the insurance policy. Many contractors lose tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid claims simply because they did not act on time or follow the required procedure. Every insurance company has different policy terms and you need to know what each one requires. We are familiar with the provisions of the insurance policies and we make sure your claim is handled right.

Contractors can sue to get paid

Because contractors under an assignment of benefits receive the right to receive payment for services they perform, they also have the same rights the homeowner has under the policy, which may include the right to sue and collect payment plus interest and attorneys’ fees. We know how the system works and can frequently get your claim paid without going to court, but when it becomes necessary we don’t mind getting our hands.

In fact, the property insurance companies like Citizens Property Insurance Company, Tower Hill Select, State Farm, Universal, Homeowner’s Choice, People’s Trust Insurance Company, etc. falsely claim water restoration companies are all frauds that falsify their invoices.

The insurance companies are lobbying the Florida legislature to change the law on assignments of Benefits (AOB). But now there is something you and your water restoration, plumbing, roofing or contracting company can do to get your AOB invoices paid by the carrier. Call the Florida AOB lawyers from the Property Damage Claim Team. Our Florida AOB lawyers will get you paid, often full invoice amounts if the bills are reasonable and supportable with logs and photos.

Our Florida AOB lawyers from the Property Damage Claim Team will file suit immediately when needed. The Florida AOB lawyers from the Property Damage Claim Team also make sure the language of your Assignment of Benefits AOB that your company uses is written properly to ensure it is valid.

Don’t go at it alone, waiting for the carriers to make an offer or taking only a fraction of what the claim or invoice is worth.  The Florida AOB lawyers from The Landau Law Group will file a lawsuit when necessary and negotiate with the insurance company. If they don’t pay right away, our statutory attorney fees and costs claim will only increase and the carrier risks even more.

We know the AOB law in Florida and all of the tricks that the insurance adjusters and defense lawyers try get away with, from claiming the assignment is invalid to peer reviews of the invoice coming up with a fraction of what you are owed. As Florida AOB lawyers from the Landau Law Group, we have heard all of the excuses for denied insurance claims.


PROPERTY DAMAGE TEAM represents homeowners and contractors against insurance carriers who have wrongfully denied, delayed or underpaid legitimate property damage claims.

We understand that dealing with insurance companies and insurance policies can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially for remediators trying to operate a business. Our team of attorneys are highly trained in the area of first and third-party property insurance and are ready to aggressively prosecute wrongfully denied insurance claims on your behalf.

We begin this process by completing a comprehensive coverage analysis that involves a thorough review of the insurance policy, the underlying cause of the loss, the remediation work performed, the facts cited by the insurance carrier in support of their decision, and all applicable statutes and case law. Based on this information, we develop a case-by-case strategy for securing a successful resolution.

If your claim has been denied or underpaid contact our firm for a free litigation evaluation — (866) 703-4878

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Benefit from our experienced personal injury law firm. Where each client is our most important client.



We have the legal experience and business acumen to produce the best results for our clients. As a boutique firm, we are able to ensure that each client receives personal attention, sophisticated representation and value from our services.

Serving the Community of Domestic and International Corporations and High Net Worth Individuals.

The firm represents domestic and international corporations and high net worth individuals in commercial litigation cases involving commercial real estate and construction litigation, lender liability, shareholder and partnership disputes. The firm serves as corporate counsel and in house counsel to businesses of all sizes.


Landau Law Group has built a reputation as an aggressive business litigation boutique firms.
The skilled and practiced litigation lawyers at Landau Law Group can help all business litigation issues, including:

• Civil Complaints
• Breach of Contract
• International Commercial Disputes
• Commercial Litigation
• Complex Litigation


Landau Law Group will stand by their clients to offer the best representation available. The litigation lawyers at the law firm of Landau Law Group are committed to offering their clients the upmost professional and dedicated representation to ensure no stone is left unturned or opportunity is lost in the defense of their case.

Landau Law Group includes a group of leading South Florida lawyers that are devoted to offer the absolute resolution of their client’s litigation issues regardless of the particulars of the case.


Corporate and business litigation involve commercial disputes where negotiations have failed to keep the controversy out of the courthouse. While mediation or arbitration may interrupt the lawsuit on its way to trial, the fight has been had. Parties have been named, claims and defenses defined and damages asserted and assessed.

When millions of dollars can be at stake, often with convoluted fact issues you need a strong, tenacious advocate on your side to fight for your business.



Our passion for justice, service and results shows in everything we do. We strive to be the best and do the best for our clients.

Fighting for the Injured, Seeking Justice

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Landau Law Group has the proven experience and resources to get you the results you deserve. More than fifteen years of Fighting for the Injured. That means defending the rights and interests of our clients and their families through some of life’s most challenging times. It means helping the injured put their lives back together as quickly as possible. And it means being there for our clients when they need us most.

On Your Side

With the Landau Law Group, you are not alone. You have already had to deal with the stress and anguish of your accident. Leave it to Landau. We’ll deal with the medical bills, lost wages, automobile or property damage issues. We’ll fight with your insurance company to make sure you get every dollar you deserve.

Free Consultation

One call to the Landau Law Group and you will be on the way to the help you need and deserve. Our personal injury attorney will evaluate all of the aspects of your case at no cost. As part of our commitment to our clients, our personal injury lawyers always try to respond as quickly and carefully as possible to your legal needs.


Once we have determined that your case is eligible to pursue, the Landau Law Group will present a complete plan of action on how we will fight for your compensation. When you work with our team, the only thing you have to focus on is recovering from your injuries. Relax while your lawyer goes to bat for you against the insurance company, fighting for every dollar you deserve in your settlement.



With over 20 years of combined experience The Landau Law Group has built its reputation as a service oriented litigation firm.  The Landau Law Group provides representation to both injured accident victims and medical providers in collection of valid bills which have been improperly denied or reduced by insurance companies under the current Florida No Fault Statute (also known as the PIP statute).




To find out more about Personal Injury and Personal Injury Protection rights and benefits, contact The Landau Law Group today!

The short answer, it depends. Even if your patient was a pedestrian or bicyclist, you will want to know if they own a car because if they do, then they are covered under their own policy. Likewise, if the patient does not own a car but resides with a relative, then they are still covered. Only in a situation where the patient does not a vehicle nor covered as a relative, then PIP coverage is afforded from the at-fault driver’s insurance.

Yes. Under the PIP statute, initial care and services provided within the first 14 days, after the accident can be provided by an M.D., D.O., D.C., dentist, hospital, and ambulance.

Medical doctors, osteopathic physicians, chiropractors, hospitals, and EMS services.  The amended Florida PIP statute does not allow massage therapists or acupuncturists to bill PIP for medical services rendered.  Further, massage therapy and acupuncture services are no longer covered even when a medical doctor is overseeing such services.

A good personal injury attorney like the Landau Law Group knows first and foremost the rights of our clients. We will take the time to clearly explain all of those rights and answer all questions about your right to compensation. Once Landau starts the proceedings it is no longer you dealing alone with the other party’s insurance company or attorneys. You now have the power of our group behind you. We will make decisions together and guide you through every aspect of the process leaving you with a confident feeling that you have the right people on your side.

In many cases involving personal injury, the case will not necessarily go to court. This is when having an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy personal injury attorney like the Landau Law Group on your team. We will be at your side and guide you through all aspects of binding arbitration or even mediation. Most importantly, we will be there to advise you about settlement offers that can come in so you have the informed decision on whether or not the settlement is right for you.

In accordance with the applicable Florida PIP statutes (F.S. 627.730 – 627.7405), an EMC is a medical condition manifesting itself by acute symptoms of sufficient severity, which may include severe pain, such that the absence of immediate attention would be reasonably expected to result in any of the following:

  • serious jeopardy to the patient’s health
  • serious impairment to bodily function
  • serious dysfunction of any bodily organ or part.

The law does not say. However, as a matter of practice, I believe an EMC should be done after MRI’s and related diagnostics are performed so the medical provider can adequately support the EMC conclusion with clinical correlation. Further, I believe it would be wise to correlate all clinical findings and presentation with diagnostic results at the earliest opportunity. On disc injury cases with discogenic symptomatology, it may be wise to involve an interventional pain physician (Anesthesiologist or Physiatrist) sooner than later.  If the client’s pain and clinical presentation does not improve over a finite period of time (three months) and injections fail to alleviate the symptoms; it will be much easier for the interventional pain doctor to substantiate a finding that the auto accident victim has met the EMC threshold.

A patient that has failed conservative care and injection therapy should be evaluated by a surgeon as evidenced by their inability to improve after all less restrictive measures aside from surgery. In turn, this bolsters any argument that the claimant has sustained an EMC even if the physician did not actually expressly state the words “emergency medical condition.”




Auto Accident Settlement

  • 55-year-old truck driver struck by semi-truck suffered severe cervical fracture.
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Neck and Spinal Injury Settlement

  • 39-year-old mother of four children involved in rear-end collision resulting in anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with.
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Spinal Injury Settlement

  • 48-year-old client sustained herniated and bulging discs in the lumbar spine as a result of a negligent driver who failed to yield from stop sign.
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Auto Accident Settlement

  • 81-year-old female involved suffered a slip and fall injury including closed fracture right tibia. Open reduction and internal fixation of fracture.
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Spinal Cord Injury Settlement


Neck and Spinal Injury Settlement

  • 45-year-old man involved in t-bone auto accident in intersection. Had two level cervical fusion.
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Neck and Back Injury Settlement

  • Client injured in automobile accident and suffered non-surgical cervical herniations.
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Neck and Back Injury Settlement


The Landau Law Group provides a no-nonsense, aggressive approach to its representation of its clients; never hesitating to pursue a case to trial when necessary. Contact The Landau Law Group today for a free case evaluation.


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