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Miami Hurricane Damage Lawyer

Miami Hurricane Ian Damage Lawyer

Hurricane Ian was one of the most powerful and destructive hurricanes in recent years.

If you or someone you know in the Miami area has been affected by this natural disaster, you may be entitled to compensation. The Miami hurricane damage lawyers at our firm have extensive experience handling these types of cases and can help you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Miami Hurricane Damage Attorneys

When Florida takes a direct hit from a hurricane, the property damage losses can be significant. To make matters worse, the insurance claims process does not always go well leading to even more stress for property owners. If your family suffered damage to your home or business during a hurricane, you can count on a Miami Hurricane Damage Claims lawyer from the Landau Law Group to help you go after the payout you deserve.

We offer free case evaluations for the owners of damaged property after a Miami hurricane. Contact us today at 866-703-4878 to get started. We can act on your behalf to pursue the insurance settlement or payout you deserve. Our case evaluations are free.

We Know How Florida Homeowners’ Insurance Policies Work

When Hurricane Michael made landfall in October 2018, it hit as a Category Four. This meant 155 mph winds almost leveled nearby Mexico Beach and caused widespread damage. Thousands of people suffered property damages to their homes, businesses, and other properties.

They struggled with immediate problems that included:

  • Lost shingles
  • Downed power lines
  • Trees on the roof
  • Other damage to buildings, sheds, and fences

Once they got tarps on the roof and plywood over broken windows, these property owners needed to file an insurance claim to recover a payout and help them get the repairs started. However, many people have no idea what their homeowners’ insurance policy will or will not cover. We can help you understand what you need to know about your policy and take action.

Most hurricane damage occurs because of wind, and most homeowners’ policies will payout to cover wind damage. It will not, however, cover damage from flooding or storm surge. If you live in a flood-prone area, you may have a separate flood insurance policy.

The Landau Law Group Can Act on Your Behalf to File a Claim

The Landau Law Group can help you understand your insurance policy or policies and navigate the complicated claims process. We can help you pursue the settlement you deserve based on your insurance policy. Whether we work with you from the beginning or step in to help you later, we can navigate the rest of the process and go after a payout on your behalf. Our team is standing by to help you:

  • Understand your insurance policy and identify coverages
  • Help filing your insurance claims
  • Fight the insurance company for a fair settlement
  • Appeal a denial

We know the common ways insurance companies try to reduce how much they pay out, especially after a serious hurricane when they have thousands of policyholders filing claims. We can counter their tricks and tactics, helping you prove your recoverable damages. This allows you to afford the repairs required to get back in your home or rebuild your business.

You can talk with someone from the Landau Law Group today by calling 866-703-4878. We will review your case for free and take action on your behalf.  We only get paid if we can secure you a recovery.

Recoverable Damages from a Miami Hurricane Damage Claim

Insurance policies are a contract between the policyholder and the insurance company. You pay in your premium every month and expect them to pay out when you need it. Your policy outlines what they will cover and any exclusions. The agreement seems simple, but the process rarely is. While coverage varies from policy to policy, some common hurricane damages that should be recoverable for most people include:

  • Roof damage from hail or wind
  • Damage from downed trees
  • Siding damage from wind
  • Broken windows
  • Water damage that occurs because of roof damage
  • Food spoilage related to a power outage
  • Garage, shed, or fence damage caused by wind or falling trees

It is important to note that many homeowners’ policies have a different deductible for hurricane damage than for other types of damages. This deductible may be based on a percentage of the home value. In some cases, it could be significantly higher than your normal deductible.

Reach Out to Us Today to Learn More About Getting Your Payout

We encourage you to give us a call early in the process. We can prepare and file your claim and pursue the money to cover your damages. With our team working on your case, you do not have to worry about meeting deadlines, documenting your damages, or building a case to prove your losses. You can work on getting back to normal as best you can while we file a claim on your behalf.

Even if you do not call us until the first sign of trouble — until the insurer offers a low-ball settlement offer or denies your claim outright — we can help you fight for the payout you deserve after a Miami hurricane. Reach out to our team and let a Miami Hurricane Damage Claims lawyer look into your case. Our initial consultations are always free.

Talk to a Miami Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer

If your family suffered property damage to your home, business, or other property in a Miami hurricane, the Landau Law Group can help. We can review your insurance policy or file a claim for you after a Miami hurricane or another location on the Emerald Coast. Our team will answer your questions and address your concerns, ensuring you understand what is happening and what we need to do to get the payout you deserve.

You can reach a member of our team today by calling 866-703-4878. We can evaluate your case for free and take action on your behalf. We will never charge you out of pocket. Let a Miami Hurricane Damage Claims lawyer go after the insurance settlement or payout you deserve based on your policy. We also handle personal injury cases. Contact us today!