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Fort Pierce Car Accident Lawyers

Fort Pierce Car Accident Attorneys

Even the most careful driver cannot completely avoid a car accident caused by someone else’s careless, reckless, or negligent actions. If you suffered injuries in an accident that was not your fault, you have the right to hold the at-fault party accountable for their behavior.

A Fort Pierce car accident lawyer from the Landau Law Group can help you recover compensation for damages including your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost income, and more. Contact us today at 866-703-4878 for a free consultation.

Let Our Fort Pierce Car Accident Lawyers Handle Your Case

The car accident attorneys at the Landau Law Group understand the importance of building a strong case, to help recover every dollar you deserve for your injuries. We handle all types of Fort Pierce injury accidents, including those caused by (but limited to):

  • Drunk or drugged drivers
  • Distracted drivers
  • Commercial trucks
  • Roadway debris and obstructions
  • Obstructed views
  • Highway construction
  • Defective car parts

No matter the circumstances of your accident, we can help.

We typically pursue a settlement through the at-fault party’s insurance company. This party responsible for your injuries may be any individual or entity, such as:

  • Another motorist
  • Commercial transportation company
  • Construction company
  • Municipality or government entity
  • Manufacturer of your vehicle
  • Manufacturer of automotive components

Our legal team will fight to obtain the best possible results. We handle every detail of your case, allowing you to focus on more important goals. Leave it to us  to get you the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries and other damages. Call today to get started: 866-703-4878.

Fort Pierce Car Accident Fault & Liability

We begin the process by investigating your case and identifying all parties who contributed to your injury accident. We establish liability for your damages by demonstrating that the at-fault party:

  1. Had an obligation to act with reason to protect you from harm.
  2. Failed to uphold that obligation and, through negligence, subjected you to harm.
  3. Caused your accident and injuries by failing to uphold their obligation.

Consequently, the at-fault party is liable for all damages you incurred as a result of their actions.

For example, commercial trucking companies and their drivers have a duty to maintain their vehicles in good order, obey governing laws, and drive safely on the roadway. If a driver exceeds the speed limit, drives after drinking, or fails to heed the daily time limit for driving, this places other motorists at risk. If the driver fell asleep at the wheel and subsequently caused an accident, the driver – and possibly the trucking company – will have liability for the resulting damages.

For your case, we will support our conclusions using accident reports, photos of the scene, witness statements, safety records, driver logs, and any other evidence necessary to build a strong, persuasive case.

Fort Pierce Car Accident Damages

To determine the dollar value of your car accident damages, our legal team will identify all economic and non-economic damages you sustained. Although your damages will vary based on the nature and extent of your injuries, you may have the right to recover compensation for some or all of these items:

  • Medical treatment and care costs to date
  • Projected cost of future treatment and care
  • Lost wages and benefits to date
  • Projected value of future income and benefits losses
  • Property damage replacement or repair costs
  • Direct and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Diminished quality of life

You may also be entitled to collect damages for permanent injuries or disability you sustained as a result of your Fort Pierce car accident.

How Our Car Accident Lawyers Benefit You

When you trust the injury lawyers at the Landau Law Group to represent you in a Fort Pierce car accident, we will aggressively pursue a quick resolution to your case. This allows us to recover compensation for your damages as soon as possible, so you can get the treatment you need.

We customize our services to meet your needs and to help ensure we get the results you deserve. Our services include:

Investigating Your Accident

We use our network of resources to investigate the circumstances of your accident. If necessary, we explore the background of the at-fault party to identify potential patterns and to uncover any information that we can use to strengthen your case.

Building a Persuasive Case

Using the evidence and information discovered during the course of our investigation, we carefully document each element of your case. A strong, well-supported case will help us recover the maximum compensation for your injuries.

Negotiating With the Insurance Company

We submit your claim to the insurance company and handle all communication on your behalf. We push to begin the negotiation process to obtain a fair settlement offer. Insurers often try to reduce their liability through lowball offers and other questionable tactics. We protect you by compelling the insurer to negotiate in good faith.

Filing Legal Action, When Necessary

If the insurance company refuses to negotiate in good faith and make an acceptable offer for settlement, we will happily file a civil suit if necessary. We can prepare your case and fight for justice in the courtroom.

Throughout the process, we will be there to answer your questions and ensure you understand your options. We will provide updates about your case and guide you through the complex process of a personal injury claim. Call today for your free consultation: 866-703-4878.

Free Consultation for Your Fort Pierce Car Accident

The Fort Pierce car accident lawyers at the Landau Law Group are on your side. Our straightforward, no-nonsense approach helps get you the compensation you need to put your life back on track.

You only have four years to take legal action for a car accident. If you fail to initiate the process within the prescribed time, you lose your right to recover compensation for your damages. Contact the Landau Law Group at 866-703-4878 for a free case review. We look forward to showing you how a Fort Pierce car accident lawyer can help you preserve your right to pursue a claim.

Fort Pierce Car Accident Lawyer FAQs

Who is responsible for a Fort Pierce car accident?

Florida is a no-fault state where everyone has to carry a minimum of $10,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP). However, that doesn’t mean that the person at fault for a Fort Pierce car crash can’t be held responsible via a personal injury lawsuit.

If you feel another driver or someone else was at fault for a car accident in Fort Pierce, you can pursue litigation against that person.

For the best possible results, work with a Fort Pierce car accident attorney for specifics relating to your case. The Fort Pierce car accident attorneys at Landau Law offer free consultations. Contact us today!

What should I do at the scene of a Fort Pierce car accident?

If you were involved in a Fort Pierce car accident, it’s best to take the following steps:

  1. Make sure the scene is safe
  2. Ensure everyone is okay; if not, seek medical help by calling 911
  3. Call the police to report the crash
  4. Identify other parties involved
  5. Exchange insurance and contact information with the other parties
  6. Identify any witnesses and get witness statements
  7. Document the crash including taking photos
  8. Protect yourself when speaking by not admitting fault and not agreeing to anything immediately
  9. Don’t speak to an insurance adjuster until you’ve consulted with a Fort Pierce car accident lawyer
What should you not do after a Fort Pierce car accident?

After a Fort Pierce car accident, you should NOT:

  1. Delay medical attention; if you or someone else is injured, get help immediately
  2. Talk to anyone about the car accident except the police and don’t admit guilt.
  3. Don’t give a statement or speak to an adjuster until you’ve spoken with a Fort Pierce car accident lawyer.
How do Fort Pierce car accident claims work?

The steps of a Fort Pierce car accident case may include:

  1. Sign a written agreement with a Fort Pierce car accident attorney
  2. Communicate only through your car accident law firm or attorney
  3. Discovery: collect and investigate evidence
  4. Deliver the injury demand letter
  5. Negotiate a fair settlement
  6. Go to trial when negotiations aren’t successful
How long does it take to settle a Fort Pierce car accident claim?

It typically takes anywhere from 6 months to a year in order to settle a Fort Pierce car accident claim. However, some claims are more complicated and can take longer.