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Cape Coral Property Damage Attorneys

A homeowner’s insurance policy serves as protection for when the sudden and unexpected occurs, resulting in losses and property damage. When an emergency presents itself, you should be able to rely on your insurer for help. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

You faithfully pay your insurance premiums expecting your insurance company to come through for you when disaster strikes. It is during this time of urgency that some insurance companies wrongfully deny or delay claims, adding to your stress. A Cape Coral property claims lawyer from our firm is prepared to help you pursue compensation when your home is damaged by:

  • Storms
  • Water damage
  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Wind

If your claim was wrongfully denied or delayed, we can help. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that we collect nothing unless we secure compensation for you. Call The Landau Law Group now for a free case evaluation: (866) 703-4878.We are a service-oriented litigation firm that prides itself on helping our local community.

Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Avoid Paying Claims

When it comes to homeowners insurance, policies are often complex and contain confusing terms. Some insurers may use this against you in an attempt to undervalue or wrongfully deny your claim in violation of the Florida Homeowner Claims Bill of Rights as part of the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation that is designed to protect you in the pursuit of damages. Some insurers may deny a claim based on a frivolous technicality to get out of paying you for your covered losses.

Our Cape Coral property claims legal team is well aware of tactics insurance companies may use when it comes to avoiding paying out property claims. Some of these tactics include:

  • Failing to properly inspect your property damage.
  • Becoming unresponsive to your attempts at communication.
  • Denying the claim even when losses you suffered are protected under your policy.
  • Approving repairs or replacement for far below true value.

If you faithfully paid your insurance and now the insurance company is trying to avoid honoring your policy, secure legal representation without delay. A Cape Coral property claims lawyer with The Landau Law Group can deal with the insurance company on your behalf.

It may bring you peace of mind to know that a lawyer is fighting for your rights while you recover and spend time with family. Experiencing property damage is emotional enough. Protect your physical, emotional, and financial health by letting a Cape Coral legal team handle your claim.

Let The Landau Law Group Protect Your Interests

Property damage of any kind can force you to temporarily relocate. Returning home as soon as possible is your primary goal. When an insurance company delays helping you, denies your claim, or underpays for repairs or replacements, we can help.

At The Landau Law Group, we understand the often complex insurance claims process. We also understand how some insurance companies try to save money by denying, delaying, or underpaying property claims. Let our Cape Coral property claims attorneys put our knowledge to work for you.

Your insurer should honor the terms of your policy. No one should pay out-of-pocket for expenses covered by your homeowner’s policy. We want to help you recover costs you need to repair or replace your home. We are also prepared to help you if the damage to your home was caused by the negligence of another party. If the actions of a neighbor, visitor, or trespasser on your property damaged your home, you may be eligible for compensation. We will analyze your policy to determine how we may best be able to help you.

Call The Landau Law Group Today

Our lawyers have more than 20 years of combined experience in providing service-oriented litigation. We offer a free case evaluation and there is no fee unless we collect damages for you. We are prepared to help you:

  • Valuate your damages
  • Gather and analyze evidence to support your case
  • Keep updated at every stage of your case
  • Represent your case in court, if necessary
  • Handle communication with all relevant parties
  • File paperwork within appropriate timelines
  • Understand the details of your case plan
  • Protect your rights throughout the legal process

The Landau Law Group negotiates with insurance companies on your behalf. We work hard to secure the compensation you deserve. If we are unable to reach an agreement out-of-court, we are ready and willing to go to trial. Our legal team can handle the details of your case so that you can concentrate on your other responsibilities.

The Statute of Limitations on Property Damage Cases May Affect Your Case

There is a restriction on how long you have to act on most property damage claims in the state of Florida. You should not wait to reach out to our firm, as Sec. 95.11 of the Florida Statutes limits you to two years to take action. There are exceptions to this time limit, however. A team member at our firm can explain these exceptions to you and determine if the statute of limitations applies to you and your unique circumstances.

If you suffered property damage and your insurance company wrongfully denied, delayed, or underpaid on your claim, take action today. The sooner we can review your case, the sooner we can get to work for you. Call a Cape Coral property claims lawyer with The Landau Law Group now for a free case evaluation at (866) 703-4878.