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The Landau Law Group understands how devastating severe property damage can be and its impact on you and your loved ones.  Making a claim for damage to your property can be a lengthy and difficult process. With some insurance companies coming under scrutiny for denying, stalling, and underpaying claims, it is important to seek the aid of a property claims lawyer who can support you throughout the process.

Knowing how to file your claim properly can mean the difference between receiving the compensation you deserve and your claim being denied. If you have any concerns about your property damage claim, The Landau Law Group can help.  Call us today at (866) 703-4878 for a free consultation.

What To Do If Your Property Is Damaged

Severe damage to your property can happen through storm, fire, and water events, and it is important to know the best approach to use when filing your claim. There are also certain obligations placed on you that could be tied into your insurance policy. You must fulfill these duties to protect your claim.

For instance, you are required to take reasonable measures to mitigate any further damage to your property, such as by protecting the interior with a tarp until repairs can begin.  However, you are not expected to put yourself in any danger. Some examples of property damage mitigation are:

  • Covering damage to the roof or windows to prevent any further exposure to rain
  • Switching off water valves to avoid burst pipes
  • Boarding up damaged windows and doors to secure your property
  • Drying out water-damaged areas of your home and removing soaked carpets and other soft furnishings that could result in mold

This list is not exhaustive and seeking the aid of a professional Fort Pierce property claims lawyer could help you avoid common mistakes that could affect your claim.  It is important to act quickly in these events and seek professional advice right away. Call (866) 703-4878 to discuss your case with The Landau Law Group today.

Types of Property Damage Claims

There are many different types of claims for property damage, and insurance companies provide different levels of coverage for each of them. A claim for property damage can include almost anything that belongs to you, such as your home, business premises, vehicle, and other possessions.  The exact details surrounding what constitutes a covered loss will be outlined in your insurance policy.

The Landau Law Group can help you with most types of property damage claims, including:

Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire and smoke damage requires careful investigation. In some cases, the structure of your home can become weakened and residual hidden damage, such as damage to electrical appliances and wiring systems, may not be apparent right away. Be sure to factor in the potential for hidden damage before accepting payment from your insurance company.

Water & Mold Damage

Ranging from severe storm damage and floods to burst pipes and roof leaks, water and mold damage can be complicated to secure compensation for. The Landau Law Group recommends that you carefully review your insurance policy and make sure you have the appropriate level of cover for all water damage eventualities.  In Florida, you must have separate insurance policies for damage caused by hurricanes and floods, while water damage from burst or leaking pipes may be covered under your homeowners policy.

Hurricane Damage

After a major storm, insurance companies sometimes hire contractors to help assess the large volume of claims coming in. These contractors may not conduct thorough reviews of each case, which can have a significant impact on the compensation your insurance company initially offers you. Protect yourself by working with a property damage claims lawyer. Call (866) 703-4878 for a free consultation.

How a Fort Pierce Property Claims Lawyer Can Help With Your Claim

Whatever the damage to your property, the lawyers at The Landau Law Group can thoroughly examine your insurance policy and explain to you in plain terms what your options are.  Insurance companies use specific methodologies for analyzing and evaluating property damage claims, and we can assist you with this process by:

  • Gathering photographic evidence of the property damage
  • Documenting the extent of the damage to your property
  • Advising on damage mitigation at your property
  • Calculating repair, replacement, and hidden costs
  • Managing claim negotiations with your insurance company
  • Presenting your claim to the insurance company in the most compliant way possible
  • Advising when a lawsuit may be necessary

Properly gathering evidence to support your claim can dramatically increase your chance of success.  It could also significantly raise the value of your claim. Call today at (866) 703-4878 to get started.

If an Insurer Denies, Delays, or Underpays Your Property Damage Claim

Your insurance company does not have the final word when it comes to settling your claim. Insurance companies are to abide by the Homeowners Bill of Rights, as stated in Florida law.  You have the power to appeal and have the courts review your case for evidence of bad faith on the part of your insurance company.

The team at The Landau Law Group can assist you by investigating if there has been an inaccurate representation of facts, incomplete investigations, or unreasonable delays with your claim, all of which are examples of bad faith.

The Landau Law Group Is at Your Side

With The Landau Law Group, you are not alone. We have more than 20 years of combined experience dedicated to fighting delayed, denied, or underpaid insurance claims.  Call today at (866) 703-4878 for a free, no-obligation evaluation of your case.