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In Florida, there are many types of natural disasters that may cause damage to your personal property. Hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes all occur within the state. Vandalism, theft, fires, and other incidents may cause damage to your property, as well.

If you have damage to your property caused by any of the above, we recommend that you contact a lawyer in Fort Lauderdale as a representative of your interests. Insurance companies may try to delay payments for property damage or claim that the amount owed to you is less than what you may be entitled to.

As a property owner, it is important to understand your rights. If you have filed a property damage claim with your insurance and feel like the company is not treating you properly, contact The Landau Law Group at (866)703-4878. Our team of property claims lawyers will be happy to discuss your case with you.

Common Types of Covered Property Damage Claims in Florida

The types of property damage claims that are typically covered by home insurance policies in the state of Florida include:

Water Damage

Water damage to a home may occur as a result of a hurricane, flooding, or backed-up sewage. Damage from water may also result in mildew or mold claims. Water can wreak havoc on a home and may cause steel to rust, wood to rot, and damage other types of materials that are often found throughout a home. An insurance policy may or may not cover water damage, depending on the terms of the policy. It is not uncommon for there to be exemptions in your homeowners policy for water damage caused by flash flooding, storm surges, or mold. Our team can review your primary and supplemental insurance policies to ensure your claim includes as many covered losses as possible.

Hurricane and Tornado Damage

A hurricane or tornado can cause extensive damage to your property. The wind and water from a hurricane can be quite severe and, in some cases, make a home unfit to live in for a period of time. Florida homeowners insurance policies typically cover damage from wind, hail, and lightning during a hurricane, although a separate deductible may be required. If your home has been damaged due to the high winds associated with a hurricane or a windstorm of any type, we can review your policy for any potential exclusions and help with your claim that the insurance company should cover these damages.

Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes occur when land suddenly collapses into itself. When the sediment, rock, or soil under a home begins to collapse, it may cause structural damage to the building. If a sinkhole occurs on your property, your insurance may cover the assessment and repair of damages to the home that may occur as a result of the sinkhole. While every Florida insurance company must offer coverage for “catastrophic ground cover collapse,” it may only be provided as optional, supplemental coverage. We can review your policy and help you determine the extent to which your insurance company is accountable for your losses.

Fire Damage

A fire in a home can result in the total loss of your home and property. Not only can the flames burn the structure of your home, but the smoke from the fire can damage many of your personal belongings, as well. Fire and smoke damage may be covered by your home insurance policy.

If your insurance company has undervalued or denied your claim, our team can help protect your right to receive compensation for your covered losses.

Common Claims Not Covered by Insurance Policies in Florida

Most home insurance policies in Florida cover a variety of property damage claims. However, each insurance policy is different. For this reason, we recommend speaking to a Fort Lauderdale property claims lawyer in order to determine what exactly is covered by your home insurance. Contact The Landau Law Group at (866)703-4878 for a free consultation.

Some exclusions or areas that are not typically covered by your property insurance may include:

  • Damage caused by earthquakes, aftershocks, or mudslides
  • Damage caused by demolition, construction, or from zoning by law enforcement
  • Damage from any nuclear hazard
  • Losses from natural floods or water backing up in the sewer
  • Intentional damage to the property
  • Sinkholes

It is important to note that some of these types of damage to a property may be covered under additional premium payments. This is one of the reasons why it is very important to read through and understand what your insurance will cover should you ever need to make a claim. Our team can help you review your policy and advise you on the options that may be available to you.

Property Damage Claims Statute of Limitations

According to the Florida Statute of limitations, if you want to file a claim against your insurance company for any reason, you generally have up to five years to file the claim. For hurricane insurance claims, the statute of limitations is reduced to three years. When it comes to making an insurance claim of any type, the sooner you hire a property claims lawyer, the sooner we can get started working on your claim.

When Your Insurance Company Refuses to Pay a Claim

Insurance companies are required to pay claims for covered losses. If your insurance company is refusing to pay for your covered property damages, they have to give you a reason. Some reasons an insurance company may give when they deny or undervalue a claim include:

  • Non-disclosure: An insurance company may state that you did not disclose certain information when you were applying for a policy or when you renewed your policy and this information applies to the claim.
  • Failure to comply with a condition: Insurance policies have certain requirements that must be met. Your insurance company may state that you failed to comply with these requirements.
  • Not covered: Insurance company states that the policy did not cover the type of damage that your property suffered.
  • Fraud: Insurance company may state that you acted in a way that was fraudulent or that your claim is fraudulent in some way.
  • Policy cancellation: Your policy was cancelled by the insurance company and they are refusing to pay your claim based on the cancellation.

If your property claim was denied for the above or any other reason, call our team right away. We can review your policy alongside the insurance company’s denial letter and offer advice on the legal actions that may be available to you.

Let a Fort Lauderdale Property Claims Lawyer Help

If you have made a property damage claim and your insurance company refuses to pay it, a property damage claims lawyer in Fort Lauderdale can help with the process.

Contact The Landau Law Group at (866) 703-4878 to discuss the possible reasons why your claim may have been denied and what can be done to try and obtain compensation for your losses.