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Cape Coral Hurricane Damage Lawyer

Cape Coral Hurricane Damage Attorneys

Few experiences are as traumatic as living through a hurricane. Not only are you dealing with the fear of your safety, but there is also the possibility that your valuable possessions could be destroyed.

You trust that, in these circumstances, your insurance company will be responsible and reimburse you for any lost or damaged property. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. If your insurance claim to cover damage caused by a hurricane has been wrongly denied, reduced, or delayed, you need a Cape Coral hurricane damage lawyer today.

When choosing a Cape Coral hurricane damage attorney, you want to choose one that knows firsthand what it’s like to be treated poorly by an insurance company. At Landau Law, our team is committed to providing aggressive representation for our clients, ensuring they are compensated for hurricane damage.

Our team of caring professionals was there to help Cape Coral residents in the aftermath of hurricane Ian, and we will continue to be aggressive advocates for our clients from whatever future hurricanes mother nature unleashes. Contact Landau Law today to learn more.

Why Do You Need a Cape Coral Hurricane Lawyer?

When catastrophes like hurricanes happen, insurance companies and their adjusters are spread thin dealing with hundreds, if not thousands, of claims that are filed simultaneously. Because individual adjusters handle countless claims daily, just to keep up, many overlook the details of a claim and things fall through the cracks.

At the same time, major catastrophes put a heavy toll on an insurance company’s bottom line. They are under heavy financial strain and may delay, underpay, or deny legitimate claims.

You have faithfully paid your insurance policy for years. When there is a disaster, you deserve to have an insurance company that promptly gives you fair compensation for the insured property that was damaged or lost. If you’ve experienced damage to your home or property and disagree with the insurance provider about your policy or coverage, contact the Cape Coral hurricane lawyers at Landau Law. We have got you covered.

Working With a Cape Coral Hurricane Attorney to Get a Fair Evaluation of Property Damage

In the aftermath of a hurricane, insurance companies are responsible for sending out claim adjusters promptly. However, after large-scale events, like hurricane Ian, there aren’t always enough claim adjusters. Therefore, insurance companies may bring in temporary or out-of-state adjusters to cover this need.

These temporary adjusters are not always thoroughly trained, or they don’t understand the type of damage a hurricane can cause. This can lead to policyholders getting less than they deserve on their insurance claim settlement.

At Landau Law, we may work with public insurance adjusters. These adjusters are not employees of your insurance company. They do not have a dog in the fight, so they have no interest in minimizing claim payouts. They are adept at accurately analyzing a property’s hurricane damage and providing a second opinion that could help make sure you and your family get the compensation you deserve.

Types of damages caused by hurricanes include:

  • Water damage
  • Roof damage
  • Hail damage
  • Flood damage
  • Wind damage

The hurricane damage lawyers at Landau Law work with public insurance adjusters to help our clients improve their chances of getting a fair settlement. We will use a mixture of negotiation and litigation along with accurate property inspection and analysis to fight against lowball insurance claims and help our clients get the funding needed to repair their homes and get back to living a normal life.

You Are Not Alone in the Aftermath of Hurricane

The days following a hurricane can feel very lonely. Your possessions are gone, and it seems like there is no one you can turn to for help. At Landau Law, we want to assure you that you are not alone.

Without the experience of insurance professionals and a hurricane damage attorney, it can be difficult for you as an individual policyholder to know whether the damage to your property should be covered or not. Our team of experienced attorneys can help you hold insurance companies accountable. We will review your policy and the damage to your property to provide clarity and outline what should and may not be covered. Then, we can help you dispute claim denials or fight if you feel you were misled about your coverage when you purchased your insurance policy.

As a policy owner, your insurance company owes you the Duty of Good Faith and Fair Dealing. This means they must act in good faith to process, evaluate, and value your claim. If not, they could be subjected to penalties, interest, and additional damages if they unjustly denied or underpaid your claim. Contact Landau Law today and see how it feels to have experienced aggressive legal representation fighting on your behalf.