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If you have been involved in a head-on collision, your chances of sustaining more serious injuries are greater than those in different types of accidents.

This is mainly because a head-on accident usually occurs when both vehicles are traveling at higher rates of speed. Most other accidents involve at least one car being stationary or moving slowly in a turn.

What Is A Head-On Collision?

A head-on collision car accident involves two vehicles colliding at the front of their vehicles. In most cases, a front end accident will occur when two vehicles are driving in opposite directions, and one crosses over into the other lane, connecting with the other vehicle.

Although seat belt use is very high in Florida, over 90 percent, according to 2017 statistics, and airbags are generally deployed in a head-on crash, these accidents often lead to serious injuries.

Common Head-On Collision Injuries

When you are involved in an accident, any injury can occur. However, some injuries are more common with head-on collisions.

1. Whiplash and Spinal Cord Injuries

The impact from a head-on crash will almost always cause the people in the vehicles to be jolted back and forth on impact. This can result in spinal cord injuries as well as whiplash. Depending on the velocity at impact, the back and forth motion can also lead to serious head injuries.

2. Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

The accident’s impact can cause the head to quickly snap back and forth, causing the brain to move and bruise. This can lead to concussions and even more serious brain injuries. The impact from the vehicle may also have caused the airbags to deploy. If you are sitting too close to the airbags or a certain height, the airbag deployment may also lead to head and brain injuries.

3. Lower Extremity Injuries

One of the most common injuries in a head-on event is lower extremity injuries. Broken toes, ankles, legs, and knees are very common. In some serious accidents, the victim may also find themselves facing amputation due to the seriousness of the event. Injuries to the lower extremities may require extensive recovery time and therapy as you learn to walk and perform other tasks again once these areas are healed.

4. Chest / Rib Cage Injuries

If you are wearing your seatbelt, and you really should be, there is a chance that the impact will still cause you to move back and forth depending on the strength of the impact. If your seatbelts are in place, this motion can lead to a bruised or cracked sternum or ribs. In some severe cases, the broken ribs can puncture a lung. Injuries to the chest area may also occur when airbags are de[ployed.

5. Lacerations

It is not uncommon for a head-on event to cause the windshield and side windows to shatter or explode on impact. If this is the case, there is significant potential for lacerations in all areas of the body. If the impact is severe, it may also cause significant bending of the vehicle’s body, which can also lead to metal shards causing lacerations.

What To Do After A Head-On Car Accident

If you have been involved in a head-on or any other type of accident, you are encouraged to do the following:

  1. Seek immediate medical attention. Even if you are lucky enough to get out of the vehicle on your own after the accident, you want to make sure that you are okay. A headache or upset stomach may not be your nerves from the accident, but instead a serious injury such as a concussion or internal bleeding.
  2. Notify your insurer. To get your medical care started, you need to inform the insurance company of the accident. Do not give a detailed statement at this time, and do not give any type of recorded statement. Inform them that you have been in an accident and seek care and contact them back shortly. You have the right to do this, regardless of what the person on the phone may say. You must report the accident within 14 days of the event, or you will not receive any benefits.
  3. Contact a car accident attorney. Once your injuries have been stabilized, it is time to contact an attorney. This is the only way to protect your rights as an injury victim. Insurance companies can be very challenging when you try to have your accident covered, and the best way to avoid complications is to have legal representation.

Florida Car Accident Attorneys

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