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It’s crucial to know whether you have a serious injury following an accident in the state of Florida. This will help you find out if you have a personal injury case on your hands. Keep reading for more information on Florida PIP coverage, defining serious injury, and the types of injury your claim can include.

Florida PIP Coverage

PIP, or Personal Injury Protection, Coverage is also known as the Florida Motor Vehicle No-Fault Law. Under this law, every Florida resident is required to have insurance coverage that covers medical expenses for injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents. If you do not maintain PIP Coverage, your license and registration may be suspended. Most importantly, you should talk to your insurance first if you need to cover medical and other expenses from an accident. In short, you are exempt from tort liability and cannot pursue a legal case unless you specify a serious injury.

Definition of Serious Injury

It’s not easy figuring out if your injury falls within or outside of the no-fault law. However, you can look into legal limitations as well as previous injury claims that have made it to court.

According to Florida Statute § 627.737, serious injuries from a car accident usually include:

  • Significant and permanent loss of important bodily functions.
  • Permanent injury within a reasonable degree of medical probability.
  • Significant and permanent scarring and/or disfigurement.
  • Death.

While you can also recover medical expenses and lost wages under the no-fault law, you can recover a lot more from a serious injury case. In addition to expenses and wages, you can recover pain, suffering, mental anguish, and other inconveniences from the injury.

Types of Serious Injuries Under Florida Law

There isn’t a clear measure of how significant an injury has to be for it to be serious. As a result, it may be helpful to know what types of injuries have been covered in cases. Personal injury cases have commonly covered the following types of serious injuries:

  • Severe bone fractures.
  • Back and neck injuries.
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis.
  • Traumatic head and brain injuries.
  • Limb amputations.

Boca Raton Personal Injury Attorneys

Car accident injuries and deaths are not uncommon. Were you involved in a serious car accident in Florida? Do you need help understanding your position with Florida PIP Coverage? If so, seek help from a personal injury attorney.

At the Landau Law Group, our experienced personal injury attorneys offer free case evaluations. Contact us online or call us at (866)703-4878.