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Time is of the essence when filing a report after you’ve been in an accident. If you’ve recently been involved in a Florida car accident, it’s time to understand what the law requires.

Properly reporting a Florida car accident is required by law once you meet certain requirements. It is also crucial if you’ve sustained serious damage or injuries.

Many victims of an accident don’t know what Florida laws require until it’s too late. You may be able to prevent encountering future problems by reading through this post and learning a bit more about what you need to do after a car accident in Florida.

When Do You Have to File an Accident Report After a Car Crash?

According to Florida Statute § 316.066, a Long Form Florida accident report must be completed and submitted within 10 days of the completion of an investigation by a law enforcement officer who regularly investigates automobile accidents, provided it was:

  1. A crash with a personal injury;
  2. A crash with fatality;
  3. A DUI crash;
  4. A hit and run crash;
  5. A crash which requires a wrecker to remove the vehicle;
  6. A crash with a commercial motor vehicle; or
  7. A crash where apparent property damage is at least $500.00.

How Long Do You Have to Report an Accident?

Usually, drivers will call the police from the scene of the accident and let the officers who arrive file the report for them.

While not all accidents require reporting, we recommend that you call your local police from the scene of the accident just to be on the safe side.

It is also very important to do this immediately if you believe you’ve sustained injuries or experience any discomfort. A police report is needed as evidence to link the accident and your injuries in the event of filing a Florida car accident claim to your insurance company. Also, be sure to seek treatment within 14 days of the accident. If you don’t seek care in time, you won’t have a personal injury case.

Reporting an Accident to Police After the Fact

If for any reason you did not contact the police from the scene, you will need to either:

  1. Call your local police department and file an accident report
  2. Self-report online or via mail by completing the following form:

Report Your Car Accident to the Insurance Company

After filing a police report, you should report the car accident to your insurance company. Your insurer most likely requires you to notify them of an accident soon after the event. There are different deadlines for reporting, so you should do this as quickly as possible.

You must not share details of your injuries with the insurance agent. Most importantly, do not state that you haven’t sustained any injuries. Your injuries may show up later and your insurance company will record everything in your initial interaction. This can negatively affect future claims and keep you from receiving the compensation you deserve.

Contact a Florida Car Accident Attorney

If you’re still unsure and have any questions about your Florida car accident, The Landau Law Group is here for you. Our personal injury attorneys will evaluate all of the aspects of your case at no cost. Contact us or call now at (866)703-4878!