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Dog bite laws are different in every state, and some of them are quite confusing. Dog bite laws in Florida, however, are very straightforward.

If a dog bites someone in a public place or on private property, the dog owner is responsible for the injuries.

Of course, Florida dog laws can become complex under certain conditions. That is why it will always be beneficial to have an attorney represent your claim when a dog has bitten you.

Dog Owners Are Held Responsible For The Actions Of Their Dogs

Florida dog bite laws state that a pet owner can be held both criminally and civilly for their dog’s actions. How a person is charged for a dog attack will depend on the circumstances of the attack.

Under most circumstances, a dog owner is held civilly responsible for a dog attack that occurs when a dog bites someone in a public place or when the victim is legally on private property.

If a dog attack happens outside of those two circumstances, the Florida dog bite law can become a little more complex. However, this does not mean that the dow owner cannot still be held responsible for the attack.

When a Florida dog attack happens, the injured party may seek compensation for their injuries for one of the following reasons:


The victim will seek damages based on the fact that the owner acted in a negligent manner, allowing the dog attack to occur.

Negligence Per Se

The victim can show that the owner acted in a manner that was in violation of laws that protect public safety.


This is usually referred to as the “One Bite” rule. This means that the dog owner knows that the dog has previously bitten someone and did not take the necessary precautions to help prevent an attack from happening again.

Intentional Tort

This type of case will show that the dog’s owner intentionally caused the dog to attack or bite someone.

Florida dog bite attorneys

Dog bites can be severe injuries. The bite can cause skin, muscle, and even bone damage. There is a higher risk for infection in these injuries, and the emotional and mental injuries can be devastating, especially in children.

If a dog has bitten you or your loved one, speak with a dog bite attorney at Landau Law about your rights to seek compensation for your injuries. Contact us today!

Dangerous Animal Statutes

Part of the Florida dog bite statute includes wording about dogs that are considered dangerous. A dog is considered dangerous if any of the following has occurred:

  • The dog has attacked or attempted to attack a person before
  • The dog has chased, cornered, or tried to “hunt down” a person without being provoked
  • The dog has attacked and injured or killed another animal

Under Florida law when a dog bites another dog that did not attack them first, they are considered dangerous, regardless of breed, size, or intention. Dog owners must act accordingly when their dogs have been deemed dangerous.

Florida law requires that owners of a dangerous dog do the following:

  • The dog must be registered as a dangerous dog with the local authorities
  • The dog must be kept secured on the property of the owner
  • The owner must post a notice that a dangerous dog is living on the property
  • When the owner takes the dog off of the property, they must have it in a harness or on a leash, and the dog must be muzzled.

Failure to do these things could lead to criminal charges against the dog owner if the dog injures someone again.

Limitations To Owner Responsibility

As with any law, there are some limitations to the dog bite laws that relieve the owner of responsibility if their dog does attack someone. These limitations include:

  • The person attacked was unlawfully on the property at the time of the attack.
  • The owner of the dog was being attacked, and the dog came to their defense
  • The person who was bitten was provoking or taunting the dog

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It is vital that anyone who has been injured in a dog attack in the state of Florida speak with a personal injury attorney. Working with a Florida dog bite lawyer is the best way to protect your rights and make a successful claim for a dog bite injury.

If you or your loved one were bitten by a dog, speak with a Florida dog bite attorney at Landau Law about seeking compensation for your injuries. Contact us today!