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More homes, hotels, and tourist attractions in Florida have a swimming pool than those that do not.

The wonderful weather in Florida is perfect for swimming pools, and residents and visitors alike spend countless hours each year in these areas.

Sadly, having a swimming pool accident is also common in Florida. Injuries that occur while in the pool or poolside accidents happen frequently, and many of these events could be avoided.

Common Causes Of Swimming Pool Accidents

The five most common pool-related injuries include:

  1. Slip and Fall on Deck Area
  2. Drowning
  3. Pool Filter or Drain Related Injuries
  4. Electrocution
  5. Infections

Slip and fall is the most common type of pool accident. The tile around the pool area can become quite slippery when it is wet, and anyone can fall on the deck area near a pool. Most pools post signs to use caution on the deck and not run, but this does not always prevent a slip and fall from occurring.

Drowning is the second most common type of swimming accident. Many people go around pool areas without knowing how to swim. Others may slip and fall into the pool, or a child can enter a pool area that has not been protected by a locked fence and gate.

Pool filters and drain also are a risk to swimmers. Some of these devices in larger commercial pools can have a sucking power of 300 psi. This is enough to pull hair and body parts into the filter or drain, leading to severe injuries.

Electrocutions can occur when any type of power is used near a pool. Water and electricity never mix. This may result from electrical equipment that operates the pool going bad or from electrical equipment accidentally entering the pool water.

Infections. Many people do not think about this as a swimming injury. However, if a pool is not kept properly, chlorinated bacteria can breed in the water. If you are swimming in this tainted water, you can get sick from the water.

Keeping Yourself Safe From Common Swimming Injuries

If you are in Florida, you may spend time at the pool. The best thing that you can do is make sure that you always try to remain safe while near the pool. Some of the safety tips you should keep in mind include:

Never Swim While Intoxicated

Water and alcohol do not mix – ever. You should stay out of the pool if you have had anything to drink. The heat in Florida will add to the intoxication feeling placing you at higher risk for a swimming accident.

Never Swim Alone

This is especially important if children are involved. Having a swim buddy is the best way to avoid injuries like drowning. If children are in the pool, an adult should always be outside monitoring the situation.

Make Sure Pool Area is Secure

Too many swim injuries occur when a pool area has not been properly secured. You should have a gated area around your pool with a locking entrance area. This helps prevent children from going into the pool alone. Even with a cover over the top of the pool, you should have a secured area around the pool to prevent others from entering without your permission,

A Swim Injury Can Still Happen Even With preventative Measures In Place

You may be very careful with how you manage your private pool area, but you cannot control pools being used by you and your loved ones that are not your own.

If you or your loved one has been injured in a pool, contact one of our personal injury attorneys to help you build a case for compensation. We provide free, compassionate, and confidential case evaluations.