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We know finding someone to work with to recover compensation for your personal injuries is a big commitment. We’re breaking down 3 important factors to keep in mind when looking for a Florida injury attorney.


First, find out how many years of experience the Florida injury attorney has. How many years have they been practicing? Do they specialize in personal injury claims? Consider hiring an attorney with good experience, a wealth of knowledge in your type of claim, and one that is dedicated to defending your rights and interests. You’ll want to be in good hands.

Customer Service

Many Florida injury attorneys or law firms display testimonials and results from past clients. You can find these on their website, social media, and other platforms showcasing client feedback. Check reviews, but also call the attorney or law firm before hiring them. Speak with an attorney over the phone and this can help give you a good idea if you’ll work well together. Do the research and make sure their customer service matches what clients say about them online. You want to make sure you’re hiring a Florida injury attorney who cares for your best interests and will be on your side.


Since attorneys and law firms throughout the state of Florida are working as hard as ever remotely, you won’t need to meet an attorney in person. Make sure your attorney is well-known in the area. You can even ask friends and family for local recommendations. Search for attorneys near you in case you need to set anything up in-person before working on your case.

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Now that you have these three factors to consider in your search for the right personal injury attorney, what next steps should you take? First, pick up the phone and call us today!

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