If your Bay County, FL property sustained damage in a hurricane, the Landau Law Group is here to help. We can explain your coverages and exceptions in your insurance policy, document your losses and file your claim, and fight to get you the money you deserve. A Bay County hurricane damage claims lawyer can meet with you at no cost if you suffered damage to your home, business, or other property in:

  • Callaway
  • Lynn Haven
  • Mexico Beach
  • Panama City
  • Parker
  • Springfield
  • Other areas of Bay County and the Emerald Coast

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Bay County Suffered Significant Damage from Hurricane Michael in 2018

Bay County is known for white sandy beaches and the deep green water that gives the Emerald Coast its name. In October 2018, though, Hurricane Michael disrupted life as we know it. While the Emergency Management Division did what it could, Bay County took a direct hit from Hurricane Michael when it came inland at Mexico Beach with sustained winds of 155 miles per hour, rain, and hail.

Millions of dollars of damage occurred, both to privately owned structures and public beaches. Some of the most common damage reported in this storm include:

  • Lost shingles and other roof damage
  • Downed power lines
  • Downed trees on structures, cars, or fences
  • Structural damage to buildings
  • Broken windows or doors
  • Damage to garages, sheds, and fences

Many of those who live and work in the area were able to pursue settlements from their homeowners’ or business insurance policies. This process is not always as easy as it should be, but a successful claim can include a payout for damage done by wind and hail, as well as falling trees and downed power lines. These policies do not usually cover water damage from flash flooding or storm surge.

If you find yourself in a position where your property suffered damage in a hurricane and are feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, reach out to us: 866-703-4878. We can handle your claim from beginning to end, or we can step in and take on the insurer when it refuses to cover your losses as described in your policy.

A Bay County Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer Will Pursue a Payout on Your Behalf

The Landau Law Group understands how stressful it can be to face significant damage to your home or business and have the insurance company tell you it can only give you a fraction of the money needed to fix it. We can ensure you know the value of your losses and pursue the payout to cover it no matter what it takes. When you meet with a Bay County hurricane damage claims lawyer in a no-cost consultation and decide to enlist our help, we can:

  • Explain your insurance policy in language you understand
  • Identify all applicable coverages in your insurance policy
  • Compile documentation of your damages
  • File your insurance claim or claims on your behalf
  • Go toe-to-toe with the insurance company if they do not offer a fair settlement
  • Appeal a denial and fight for a payout based on your policy and applicable coverages

The complexities of insurance policies and how the claims process works make filing for hurricane coverage more difficult than it should be in many cases. Our team can take this on for you, collecting documentation to prove your claim and reaching out to the insurer to try to negotiate a fair settlement on your behalf. This is at no out-of-pocket cost to you. You pay nothing until we recover a payout in your case. Call us today at 866-703-4878 to get started.

Covered Damages Following a Bay County, FL Hurricane

While insurance policies do vary when it comes to coverages and how long you have to navigate the claims process, they generally provide coverage for wind and hail damage that occurs in conjunction with a hurricane. They do not cover flash flooding and storm surge damage, but we can help you file a second claim if you live in a flood-prone area and carry “FEMA insurance” through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

In general, homeowners’ insurance often covers:

  • Roof repair or replacement
  • Repair of structural damage to buildings
  • Garage, shed, or fence damage repair
  • Damage from downed trees or power lines
  • Siding damage from wind or hail
  • Broken windows, doors, and garage doors
  • Water damage that occurs because of roof damage
  • Food spoilage related to a long power outage

It is important to note that many insurance companies require a special deductible when hurricanes hit coastal areas. This deductible may be considerably higher than your normal deductible. Often, it is a percentage of the value of your home instead of a flat rate. We can help you understand this part of your policy and clarify how much you will need to pay out of pocket to repair your home.

Talk to a Bay County Hurricane Damage Claims Lawyer

The hurricane claims team from the Landau Law Group can help you navigate the claims process, including proving your losses and filing your claim. We can also step in if the insurer refuses to pay out the settlement you deserve based on the coverages in your policy. You can count on us to act quickly and help you get back on your feet.

Call us at 866-703-4878 today. We will meet with you about your home or business damage for free and handle your claim with no out-of-pocket cost to you. We do not get paid unless we recover an insurance payout in your case. Our Bay County hurricane damage claims lawyers have handled hurricane damage cases all over Florida and are ready to help you, too.